Two sides of the same coin - the Virgin internal and external brand


Anyone running a customer facing business - and that’s most of us - can learn valuable engagement tips from Virgin’s approach to their people. So I was pleased to hear one of my former HR team at Virgin Mobile give a talk on the importance of t…

Author: Richard Roberts | Categories: Employee Engagement
Posted on: Tuesday 11th July 2017

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Enthusiasm is infectious. Go on, give it a try….


I was waiting at the bus stop recently when I noticed a man dressed up in 1970’s disco gear dancing to classic disco hits coming out of some massive mobile speakers. He was having a great time and engaging with all the passers by. Some stopped …

Author: Richard Roberts | Categories: Employee Engagement
Posted on: Friday 30th June 2017

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Leaders - would your vision and values pass this simple test?


Theresa May has called a ‘snap election’ in June which, she says, is all about ‘strong leadership’. No doubt she’ll be setting out her vision and values in the coming days.

Getting buy-in to vision and values is a challenge for leaders in or…

Author: Richard Roberts | Categories: Leadership
Posted on: Sunday 23rd April 2017

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