Engagement challenges of the emerging ‘hybrid’ workforce

As we return to a new version of our working lives, a term you’ll hear a lot more of is the ‘hybrid’ workforce.

A blend of home working and office working - it’s inevitably changing the culture of the organisations we work for.

1: On-boarding will be a challenge. How do you induct new recruits into what, for them, will be a virtual business? How, when and where do you meet them? Organisations must quickly adapt their onboarding process to make them feel welcome and integrated from day one. 

2: How do you set the balance between office and remote? Will you dictate or leave it to them? As popular as home working seems, us humans need what Simon Sinek calls ‘social cohesion’. Too much isolation isn’t good for our wellbeing - but how can you prevent that happening?

3: Farewell spontaneity? Some of the best ideas and innovations happen through chance conversations and shared ideas. It’s very hard to pre-book spontaneity. How will organisations ensure teams have opportunities to meet and be creative?

4: A wider recruitment pool. There are some advantages. No longer bound by geography, organisations can tap into a much wider talent pool. That’s good for diversity and creating more opportunity. People re-entering the workplace through organisations that embrace flexibility are likely to be highly engaged.

5: In practice, the shape and ‘feel’ of our organisations is changing so much that everyone will require re-boarding into the new culture. It’s not just the new recruits. The most effective way to communicate this is from the top. Leaders have to step up to the task, alongside HR.

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Author: Richard Roberts
Posted on: Tuesday 25th August 2020

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