Why step up your move to flexible working, post COVID-19?

Are you doing more to offer flexible working opportunities post COVID-19? You should be.

Views of remote based roles jumped by 250% on LinkedIn in June. People want to spend less time in the office, for obvious reasons.

As an employee engagement specialist, I’ve championed flexible working in every organisation I’ve worked. Here’s why:

1: It will give you a competitive edge as you hire new talent. It meets the needs of so many candidates at the moment, it’s what jobseekers want.

2: It boosts productivity. Evidence suggests that people who work flexibly are more productive and give more discretionary effort - they are engaged!

3: It helps retain staff. Employees enjoying a flexible work pattern that suits their lifestyle are less likely to risk losing it by going elsewhere.

4: It’s good for diversity. Flexible working widens your pool of talent as it allows people who may not otherwise be able to work to enter employment.

5: It’s good for mental health and wellbeing. It allows balance into our lives and helps us manage life around work - and work around life.

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Author: Richard Roberts
Posted on: Thursday 6th August 2020

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