Employee Engagement

When you harness the power of engaged and motivated people throughout your organisation, amazing things can happen.

Getting the best out of your people makes sound business sense. It’s good for your productivity, it offers a great work environment and ultimately, it drives your revenue and profitability. We think that engaged people are the foundations on which great businesses are built. And we aren’t the only ones.

Sir Richard Branson once said “I am often asked what it is that makes Virgin different. The simple answer is people. If it weren’t for a bunch of well trained, motivated and above all happy people doing their bit, we’d have never launched a record label, never mind a fleet of 747’s. It's people that makes the difference.”

And yet, despite the business benefits, the CIPD’s Spring 2017 Employee Outlook research found that, while 48% of the workforce considered themselves ‘satisfied’ with their jobs, only 12% felt that their organisations did anything to inspire them. 

What’s more, only 35% felt their employers paid any attention to the suggestions they made. Both figures are worryingly low, especially with the high expectations of the growing millennial workforce.

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