Top Tips on Engagement

Having engaged employees makes sound business sense. It’s good for your productivity, it creates a great work environment and ultimately, it drives your revenue and profitability.

I hope my top 10 tips on Employee Engagement will be of help to you - and your organisation.

Top 10 Tips 

1. Effective employee engagement is authentic - it’s about “your” employer brand, culture and values - it should fit your business not the engagement theory.

2. There is a clear business case for focusing on employee engagement and many studies have measured the benefits. If you would like some data to help your business case - please get in touch.

3. Stop talking about employee engagement - and certainly don’t call it an ‘initiative’. Initiatives often sound contrived and for the benefit of the organisation - and employees can be cynical as I’ve discovered! You can read about one memorable experience here.

4. Employee engagement is not just a tick-list that’s delegated to (or comes from) HR. That won’t work. Everyone in the business should ‘own’ it.

5. If you are aware that something is turning your people on - or equally driving them crazy - start undertaking research and actions to get under the surface. Track and monitor progress and tell people how it is.

6. Keep it really simple - it’s often the smallest things that have the biggest impact - as this recent blog article illustrates.

7. There is no magic bullet. It does not happen overnight. It takes effort, investment and focus.

8. Keeping telling the story in lots of different ways - spotting opportunities to reinforce ‘your’ brand and values. You can do this through every stage of the employee journey - from recruitment and induction, performance management , career development through to leaving the organisation.

9. Do something different. Surprise your people once in a while.

10. Make sure your leaders are on-board - there can be no ‘say do’ gap.

If you have any questions or would like further information about Employee Engagement, please get in touch.