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I’m Rich Roberts, an experienced HR and Employee Engagement expert, passionate about building a positive, can-do, values based culture in companies.

en:Rich brings outsourced HR expertise to your business, improving your people, their productivity and your overall performance. We offer practical and professional support covering Employee Engagement, HR Consultancy/Coaching, and HR Keynote Speaking and Workshops.

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Managing employee engagement as we return to the office

As restrictions have eased, slowly but surely we are seeing businesses and offices re-open, albeit in various shapes and forms. The question of where and how we’ll work looks to be far from certain and, as I’ll go on to suggest - really should be ba…

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How to engage our way out of a crisis

It’s probably fair to say we thought we’d be out of this by now. But here we are in February 2021 and we’re still working on our kitchen tables, coping with Zoom (cat placeholders optional), and putting in longer hours. Stress and burnout are everyd…

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Tips for leaders as we return to work

You don’t need me to tell you it’s an uncertain time - for employees and employers. Will things be OK? What are the risks? How secure are our jobs?

The ‘new normal’ we keep hearing about is now taking shape - for some it means increased risk, fea…

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