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I’m Rich Roberts, an experienced HR and Employee Engagement expert, passionate about building a positive, can-do, values based culture in companies.

en:Rich brings outsourced HR expertise to your business, improving your people, their productivity and your overall performance. We offer practical and professional support covering Employee Engagement, HR Consultancy/Coaching, and HR Keynote Speaking and Workshops.

To en:gage and bring out the best in your people - get in touch

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Tips for leaders as we return to work

You don’t need me to tell you it’s an uncertain time - for employees and employers. Will things be OK? What are the risks? How secure are our jobs?

The ‘new normal’ we keep hearing about is now taking shape - for some it means increased risk, fea…

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Engagement challenges of the emerging ‘hybrid’ workforce

As we return to a new version of our working lives, a term you’ll hear a lot more of is the ‘hybrid’ workforce.

A blend of home working and office working - it’s inevitably changing the culture of the organisations we work for.

1: On-boarding …

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Why step up your move to flexible working, post COVID-19?

Are you doing more to offer flexible working opportunities post COVID-19? You should be.

Views of remote based roles jumped by 250% on LinkedIn in June. People want to spend less time in the office, for obvious reasons.

As an employee engageme…

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