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I’m Richard Roberts, an experienced HR and Employee Engagement expert, passionate about building a positive, can-do, values based culture in companies.

en:Rich brings outsourced HR expertise to your business, improving your people, their productivity and your overall performance. We offer practical and professional support covering Employee Engagement, HR ConsultancyManagement Development and HR Keynote Speaking and Workshops.

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Tips for leaders as we return to work

You don’t need me to tell you it’s an uncertain time - for employees and employers. Will things be OK? What are the risks? How secure are our jobs?

The ‘new normal’ we keep hearing about is now taking shape - for some it means increased risk, fea…

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Engagement challenges of the emerging ‘hybrid’ workforce

As we return to a new version of our working lives, a term you’ll hear a lot more of is the ‘hybrid’ workforce.

A blend of home working and office working - it’s inevitably changing the culture of the organisations we work for.

1: On-boarding …

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Why step up your move to flexible working, post COVID-19?

Are you doing more to offer flexible working opportunities post COVID-19? You should be.

Views of remote based roles jumped by 250% on LinkedIn in June. People want to spend less time in the office, for obvious reasons.

As an employee engageme…

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