Employer Branding

If you want your organisation to feel like a great place to work - and you want to attract (and keep) the best talent - a positive employer brand is key.

The CIPD defines the employer brand as: ‘...a set of attributes and qualities - often intangible - that makes an organisation distinctive, promises a particular kind of employment experience, and appeals to those people who will thrive and perform best in its culture’.

Done well, it aligns your people and potential employees with your purpose and business aspirations - and also impacts on the customer experience and profitability.  After all, employees who are engaged and motivated by a positive employer brand often tend to go the extra mile - of their own choice.

The downside is that it can go both ways.

Employees are increasingly not shy of sharing bad employment experiences with their social network and comments on Glassdoor and Facebook can do a lot of reputational damage.

All of which suggests to us that, if you don’t define what you stand for as an employer and communicate it successfully, others will do it for you. Good or bad.

en:Rich will help you define your employer brand by analysing what you most want people to associate with your organisation as an employer.  We can distil your employment offering into a simple, actionable, and easily understood language and creative message that will resonate with your current people as much as it will help attract future talent.