Management Development

There’s a well known saying, you’ve probably heard it. “People join an organisation, but they leave a line manager.” Our memories of any organisation are usually shaped by the managers we’ve had - good or bad.

If there is one thing a business can do to make the biggest impact on employee engagement, it’s to invest time and energy in up-skilling managers to be great ‘people’ managers. Here’s why…

There’s a strong business case for investing in management development. After all those recruitment and training costs, the actual retention of your future talent will very likely depend on the relationship they hold with their immediate line manager - and, in turn, the strength of the line manager’s engagement and leadership skills. 

The CIPD think the importance of good managers goes even further. “Skilled managers impact more than just the organisation itself; they are critical to organisational success and even national economic well-being.” CIPD. 

So developing the skills of your managers and leaders is therefore a business critical investment. en:Rich can work with you to design a management development programme that equips your managers with the skills to offer support and guidance, give inspiration and demonstrate trust - the characteristics that build engagement - and retention.

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