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I’m Richard Roberts, an experienced HR and Employee Engagement expert, passionate about building a positive, can-do, values based culture in companies.

en:Rich brings outsourced HR expertise to your business, improving your people, their productivity and your overall performance. We offer practical and professional support covering Employee Engagement, HR Consultancy and Management Development.

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My journey to a new planet - building the Pure Planet culture


I recently met a good friend and former colleague for coffee. I told her that I’d been doing some HR work for Pure Planet - an upstart of a start-up - a new renewable energy provider based in Bristol.

I couldn’t stop talking about the cultur…

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Two sides of the same coin - the Virgin internal and external brand


Anyone running a customer facing business - and that’s most of us - can learn valuable engagement tips from Virgin’s approach to their people. So I was pleased to hear one of my former HR team at Virgin Mobile give a talk on the importance of t…

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Enthusiasm is infectious. Go on, give it a try….


I was waiting at the bus stop recently when I noticed a man dressed up in 1970’s disco gear dancing to classic disco hits coming out of some massive mobile speakers. He was having a great time and engaging with all the passers by. Some stopped …

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