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I’m Richard Roberts, an experienced HR and Employee Engagement expert, passionate about building a positive, can-do, values based culture in companies.

en:Rich brings outsourced HR expertise to your business, improving your people, their productivity and your overall performance. We offer practical and professional support covering Employee Engagement, HR ConsultancyManagement Development and HR Keynote Speaking and Workshops.

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How to make personal development engaging – the Pure Planet way

I’ve done plenty of personal development type workshops, I’m sure you have too. You know the ones - you sit in a classroom all day, talking about your innermost feelings with the whole group who you may never have met before - or see again.

Then …

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Employee Ownership - why engagement comes through belonging

There has been a lot of coverage about employee ownership recently; the decision by Julian Richer of Richer Sounds to hand control of his hi-fi and TV retail chain to staff is the latest, with perhaps the best known being John Lewis.

The Employee…

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Employee engagement - are you making these 10 mistakes?

Employee engagement doesn’t happen overnight, it takes effort, investment, focus and hard work. There’s no magic formula - if there were I’d be writing to you from my home in the Bahamas. The truth is, I’ve seen many organisations try really hard wi…

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